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well pack Azahar/polen/propoleo (Agotado)
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well pack Multiflora Sur/polen/propoleo (Agotado)
well pack Trébol Silvestre/polen/propoleo (Agotado)
well pack Bifloral/polen/propleo

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Activate, strengthen and take care of your immune system with our WELLpack and relieve allergy and cold symptoms. Choose your favorite variety of honey with pollen and propolis. Contains:

HONEY to strengthen and take care of your system🙌 CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE VARIETY

POLEN to help regulate digestive processes, stimulate mood and energize you⚡️

PROPOLIS as an adjuvant to improve cold and flu symptoms.
It is also a good complement to strengthen the immune system💪

Format: 1 kilo honey + 112 grams pollen + 20 ml propolis

100% natural products - Quality Chilean products.
#mielnatural #eligelocal #pymesporchile

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