South Multiflora Honey - 1 kg


Queen Mother's Southern Multiflora honey, as its name suggests, is produced in the meadows of southern Chile, with the presence of flowers from native trees such as Tiaca, Tepú, Ulmo, Tineo, among others, where the temperate rain forest abounds , known as the Valdivian Forest.

Tasting Notes: By collecting the nectars and pollen of different native flowers, it is a honey with a defined floral aroma, a neutral flavor with an intense sweetness and a very creamy texture, making it very pleasant on the palate. Recommended for those who are entering this great world of honey.

Pairing: having a traditional honey flavor it is very good to sweeten pastry preparations such as cookies, cakes and fruit tarts. And for those cold days, it is perfect to prepare a syrup of lemon, fresh ginger and thyme, very effective for sore throats.

Properties: this variety of honey is antibacterial and antiseptic, perfect for preventing colds, helps to relax and fall asleep. Anti-inflammatory, digestive and healing. Increases energy and physical strength. Recommended as sugar substitutes. When collected in various flowers it contains 7 vitamins: A, C, E, K, B1, B2 and B6

Formats: 1 kilo, 500 grams and 200 grams.

This variety of honey is produced and packaged by Reina Madre.
100% natural, raw and unfiltered honey - Quality Chilean honey.




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100% natural, our honey is raw and unfiltered.

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