Wild Clover Honey - 200 gr


Coming from the Melipilla area in the Metropolitan region, the influence of wild clover in the orange blossom fields was very great, so much so that we have a Wild Clover Monofloral honey with notes of Orange Blossom. A unique combination of flavors, exclusive to Reina Madre.

Tasting Notes: a light amber-colored honey, with a creamy texture, delicate and slightly floral flavor, with slight caramelized citrus notes with a pronounced and delicious sweetness.

Pairing: This honey is perfect for mixing with tea, spreading on toast, sweetening roasted fruit or seasoning baked meat. It also works wonderfully in salad dressings and champagne cocktails.

Properties: Wild Clover honey has an excellent regenerative capacity, due to the presence of iron, copper and vitamin C and can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent since it has antibacterial action. It is a powerful source of antioxidants that give the skin its elasticity and protect it against aging. The use of Wild Clover honey speeds up the metabolism and that means actively promoting the elimination of toxins from the body. In addition, it is an excellent natural remedy for the treatment of nervous diseases and insomnia.

Formats: 1 kilo, 500 grams and 200 grams.

This variety of honey is produced and packaged by Reina Madre.
100% natural, raw and unfiltered honey - Quality Chilean honey.




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100% natural, our honey is raw and unfiltered.

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