About us


Let us tell you a little about ourselves…

We are 2 brothers (Hernán and I, Catalina) entrepreneurs and producers without intermediaries, therefore, we have 100% natural honey at a fair price.

We were lucky to grow up in the countryside and absorb everything that nature can give us. Hernán has been a beekeeper for 10 years and I have been a graphic designer. One day the stars aligned and we decided to create Reina Madre, where Hernán delivers the best product and I bring the magic of design to Reina Madre.

Like many other startup stories, ours started with more passion and enthusiasm than knowledge and resources.

It was in the summer of 2010 when we took a few hives to Pucón where we were able to harvest a few kilos of honey and feel the magic of what this was all about. It was there that we became captive in this wonderful world of bees and this arduous profession of beekeeping.

From then on we live great experiences where we produce and taste incredible honeys from the central zone to the south of Chile.

With the enthusiasm that these wonderful honeys could be tasted by Chileans and not only in the export market, we decided to create Reina Madre, with the same spirit and passion that characterizes us in the production of honey and by-products, now we also design , we pack and ship our products.

Mother of all bees, our Queen Mother represents balance and equilibrium within this perfect system that works in the hive.

A great effort is required from the bees to collect this sacred nectar, that is why we are conscious and respectful beekeepers in the care of the environment and our bees.

To delight the palate it has been said!